Wellington Boone Live

Populating Heaven with Your Spiritual Children (FB_Day4)

August 12, 2020

I have been talking about how this life applies to the next world and what God meant originally when He created mankind. When you get married and your children are born, you are repopulating Earth out of your natural progeny, just as Adam did. You help them to grow. You provide a good example so that God can multiply after your kind. You want a son so that your good name will remain in the earth. The people you lead to Jesus are your spiritual sons and daughters. You help them to grow them by feeding them the substance of revelation. You not only led them to be born again in Jesus. You also led them to a life of devotion toward God and His Word. When God sees how you develop your spiritual children, He knows how large a kingdom to give you in the future, including eternity. If you lead somebody to Jesus and they become a disciple and they lead somebody else to Jesus and they lead somebody else, you are with Jesus populating the heavens with your children who are born again. I don't want to be a spiritual midget because all I ever do is go to God to fix something on the earth when what needs to be fixed is my spiritual incompetence for the life I'm going to live in the forever realm.

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